The rebirth of Ray Ban sunglasses

The current Fake Ray Ban sunglasses are widely welcomed by everyone. The average price of each of their sunglasses is around US$300, which is a very good luxury sunglasses. If you walk in large international cities like London, Paris, New York, you will be able to see sunglasses like Ray Ban everywhere, but the time goes back to 1999, when Ray Ban encountered a great crisis.


At that time, Ray Ban’s sunglasses encountered great difficulties in R&D and sales. Even their most popular wayfarer sunglasses were sold at a special price of $19 in convenience stores. Their production process has become outdated, and compared with other brands, sunglasses are also fragile and not durable.

But when Bausch & Lomb’s, the founder of Ray Ban, sold Ray Ban’s sunglasses to the Italian company Luxottica, Luxottica began to reform Ray Ban’s sunglasses, making Ray Ban’s sales begin to bottom out.


Ray Ban sunglasses 1

So how did Luxottica make Ray Ban’s sunglasses bottom out? First, Luxottica reintegrated Ray Ban’s four factories located in different parts of the world. And integrated it into Luxottica’s factory in Italy for production. As we all know, northern Italy is the world-famous producer of premium eyewear, and here you will be able to find the materials needed to produce high-quality sunglasses very conveniently.

Subsequently, Luxottica withdrew its sales points in gas station and convenience stores. This is undoubtedly a very difficult decision, but it is a measure that must be done to make Ray Ban revitalize. Then the redesigned sunglasses will be sold through Luxottica’s own store, and the price of Ray Ban sunglasses will be increased again.


In 2000, after Luxottica’s hard work for a year, the price of Ray Ban sunglasses increase to to $79. Two years later, it became $89, and it increased year by year.

Beginning in 2003, Luxottica began to launch prescription-sunglasses for Ray Ban, which later proved to be very successful. By 2015, 30% of Ray Ban’s sunglasses profit comes from prescription-sunglasses. This is the largest source of profit among Ray Ban sunglasses.

Beginning in 2013, Ray Ban launched a customized sunglasses production service called Re-Mix sunglasses. After that, Re-Mix sunglasses became a source of 40% of Ray Ban’s online profits.

Luxottica opened its first flagship store in Manhattan, New York for Ray Ban in 2015. Inside offer live performances, film screenings, art shows and exhibits, let everyone know the history of Ray Ban. Luxottica has decided to introduce the classic styles of Ray Ban that are most likely to appear in film and television works into China. These sunglasses are are more familiar to the Chinese , the largest luxury market. After all, most Chinese consumers do not know Ray Ban’s in European and American countries Weight.

Ray Ban sunglasses 2


After Ray Ban successfully turned over, everyone began to summarize the reasons: 1. Good-looking styles can’t always lead the trend, but the technology is time-honored. 2. When the sunglasses manufacturer can balance the two points of technological innovation and counterculture, then for most sunglasses, it will be a very good result.

Ray Ban’s sunglasses will always be popular with everyone in the future, and buying the cheap Ray Ban sunglasses will always be the choice of many people.

2019 ray ban sale

In the network celebrity era, how to use discount ray ban sunglasses to create a variety of styles skillfully?It’s real a problem.Ok,let’s have a look!

Yes, cheap ray ban sunglasses are the most popular item in the past summer, such as ray ban aviator sunglasses, ray ban cat sunglasses and retro round sun. This summer, they have a common name: cheap Ray Bans!

Look,those supermodels with the devil’s body are absolutely “sunglasses maniacs,” whether they go out shopping or go for a private fitness walk, all kinds of sunglasses do not leave the body, of course, it is also necessary to Ray Ban’s sunglasses.

Her sunglasses feature the most popular mirror design, cat’s eye shape and skinny face with printed T-shirts and jeans to create a sleek summer look. Even when changing clothes, Ray Ban sunglasses can also be hold, the lady felt a sense of wear out.

For example, with the look jeans super age reduction, coupled with Ray Ban sale playful and lively white frame, which let you easily become the most modern girl.Also, your favorite idol,his neutral wind high quality fake ray bans has become a trendy and even star concave styling sharp weapon.

Stylish style, unique exaggerated design of fake ray ban sunglasses, it allows many male gods, goddesses to it can not stop at the same time, but also completed their cross-border cooperation with many brands, and even successfully boarded the stage of fashion week!

No matter what the fake ray bans look like, there’s a mirror with a reflective effect this summer that will take you to the trendy camp with metal lines that blend avantgarde and retro elements. The golden sunglasses and futuristic frame skilfully show the softness of a woman’s face.And this knock off ray ban sunglasses is especially suitable for the flat face star, so you can bring your own flash effect.

The biggest use of Ray Ban sunglasses is to block the light, and for girls, cover black circles and thin face effect is also black super sunglasses can not be ignored advantages!Nothing will be better than this big black super sunglasses thin face come fast. The metal frame breaks the boredom of the black sunglasses, and the brand’s classic logo is engraved here, which is handsome and eye-catching.

Ha, I can’t get used to stars out of the street, all the year round wearing a sunglasses, as if who does not have it.And finally,it is the hot summer, the sun dazzling, RB sunglasses out of the street do not worry about being said to be forced. You can say:You have Ray Ban, I have,too!

Have you ever thought of being a street queen? Then you can’t miss a discount Ray Ban sunglasses.At that time is the star, now it is the network celebrity, no matter whether the sky has the sun, ten thousand years invariable street racket sharp weapon, which is absolutely RB sunglasses!

high quality fake ray bans

Ray Ban sale is a spectacle design brand, which began in the 1990s and originated in the classic Japanese design style.It combines Japanese traditional aesthetic ideas with modern sophisticated technology into ray ban sunglasses sale.Not much to say, we know the brand eyeglass frame from every detail today, let you see the beauty of the real detail.

Firstly: The brand concept of cheap ray bans
The material’s choosiness , the strict requirements for detail , the attitude of creating the art of art to create each of the cheap ray ban sunglasses.This spectacle is not only a tool to see the world , but also represents a pet – threatening attitude of life.The rough list seems plain, but every detail of the product is exquisite and exquisite.

Secondly:The characteristics of fake ray bans frame
For its craft:The mirror frame is electroplated with β titanium without nickel, which is difficult to process and does not contain nickel to avoid allergy after sale.The decoration of the mirror leg makes the plain mirror frame more exquisite and quality sense.For its structure:One body hinge to avoid hinged screw scratching teeth, resulting in a “free fall” slide of the frame.During the new product development, the product structure was adjusted to use the mirror frame and hinge structure to solve the folding of the mirror leg, which is to avoid the problem of screws, and to enhance the product experience.

For its designing style:Ray Ban outlet follows the people-oriented concept in designing each product, providing exclusive charm for those who appreciate it.In the pursuit of “fast fashion”, it is in the design of a new way to put Japanese classic traditional aesthetics into the design of every spectacle and carve every pair of ray ban sunglasses.

The high quality fake ray ban sunglasses mirror leg is designed with three-dimensional pile head splicing, simple half-frame, wider vision, so you can feel the different business style and enjoy its upgraded version of the wear comfort.Look at the unique hollow cicada wing mirror leg, with complex technology of two-color electroplating. The bright red of the frame highlights the feminine charm that you can see at a glance in the crowd.

The times are constantly progressing. Now, sunglasses are not merely solving functional problems, they are also gradually becoming a fashion tool for solving fashion and collocation.People began to care about their style and brand , and began to focus on the image and taste of self .So the characteristic and personality brand of ray ban aviators sunglasses in the market become more and more popular.

In the impetuous atmosphere of the moment, Ray Ban sunglasses outlet is not forget the original ideals and aspirations, which is to return to the nature of the attitude to treat every product and every detail.This is where I admire this brand!

classic ray ban aviators 3025

Neutral wind is also popular for a long time, neutral sunglasses are particularly popular, because many people can control, but some can wear their own characteristics of the few. Goddess also likes to wear neutral sunglasses, but full of their own style. Of course, neutral sunglasses, I strongly recommend cheap ray bans!

In everyone’s view, sunglasses are divided into men and women. In fact, ray ban aviators on the neutral, both men and women can wear! This is mainly buying according to personal preferences, but generally speaking, women prefer red warm colors.The boys wear brown and dark. Not everyone should wear sunglasses, especially large-frame ink borders should be less, choosing color will look a little more pure.

I like RB3025 ray ban aviators sunglasses. There are a lot of color of RB3025, their lens size are 58mm and 62mm, the girls can select 58mm.This color match is retro and is suitable for almost everyone. Do not know which color to buy a good choice on the right!

Among them, I bought this is in the classic gold border black green lens, the origin is Italy, picking them is a very cool color.After the classic ray ban aviators fake, every sunglasses brand has ray ban sale shadow, such as the polarized sunglasses, it similarity has 30.But the feeling of wearing it is different, so we still choose the original Ray Ban brand!

It looks like the metal part of the pair of fake ray bans is finely polished with little solder joint, leaving it with a clear gap with the ground-stand sunglasses. Sunglasses weigh moderately,it’s more heavier than titanium frames, but it is not too heavy.The 58MM lens I chose didn’t make me feel the grandiose of the clam mirror. I’ve been wearing this sunglasses lately, and the girls can wear them, too.RB3025 aviators sunglasses, its nose receptacle slightly hard but acceptable, mirror leg not tight, lens without dizziness, this is great, I like it.

Finally, the advantages of the neutral RB3025-moderate size and weight, men and women, young and old, vertigo-free lenses.

Now if you want a neutral style cheap ray ban sunglasses, you can go to the ray ban outlet online store to get one. fashion is constantly coming out of the old.But at the same time it will look for inspiration from the past. No, Ray-Ban in a variety of shapes goes to people’s hearts, especially for its neutral Ray Ban sunglasses.

Since the founding of Ray Ban brand, fake Ray Ban sunglasses has become the favorite of Hollywood stars.Ray Ban reintroduced its original Wayfarer sunglasses in 2018, focusing on the smallest details. This style is so popular that it has won a new generation of fans for Ray Ban.

Women’s ray ban eyeglasses black friday sale

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Although women’s clothing and jewelry stores tend to be much larger than men’s, the number of women in the business category is much smaller than that of men, which makes it naturally difficult for many women to choose accessories for business.Especially to the lady business pure titanium sunglasses selection difficulty is quite big. And since the emergence of cheap ray bans commercial pure titanium sunglasses, everything is no longer a problem.

Pure titanium rimless Ray Ban sunglasses have always been more temperament,which is suitable for office workers to wear, rimless design without the frame block, but also can see more clearly around.That is one of the frame type many people like. best fake ray bans are a more elegant brand in frimless sunglasses,which is more suitable for elegant women.

ray ban sale is committed to the high-end consumer community, adhere to the bright and rich art rimless sunglasses.For this reason,it boldly break through the traditional technology, draw on the world’s top jewelry production technology,which is pay more attention to the wearing of human face comfort,visual and sensory experience.

However, there are a lot of myopic women now. Although many of the sunglasses are beautiful, but a day’s life will eventually make the women’s eyes feel tired.But women’s commercially pure titanium sunglasses can relax the bridge of your nose, and in many cases, many bright-colored frames are not suitable.After all, Ray Ban prescription sunglasses can largely reflect a person’s taste.Furthermore,those business lady must have calm, wise temperament embodiment of course, so lady business titanium Ray Ban sunglasses also became a necessity.

I like the titanium fake ray ban sunglasses, although the color belongs to the bright color of gold, but the business standards of women are different from men, in color can have more choice.RB’s business-only titanium sunglasses are not only meet the needs of the workplace, but also makes women look younger and more energetic in their everyday lives.

Another,the cheap Ray Ban sunglasses are not necessarily the exclusive preserve of teenage girls. The RB business pure titanium sunglasses put the dark pink on the unremarkable leg of the mirror, matching with a mature and intelligent black body.All of these give a touch of relaxation, intimacy, and the wearer will not look too old-fashioned for what is meant to be a serious business negotiation.

The same, lady business fake ray bans also do not need to be as square as men, but also can occasionally have some range of leaps, such as the precision ellipse frame lady business pure titanium sunglasses can give you at the same time, And it fits your seriousness.

If you want to be lighter and more comfortable,which is to broaden your horizons, and to make your RB sunglasses both commercial and beautiful, then the brand of Ray Ban titanium business sunglasses may help you.

Ray Ban polarized sunglasses the winter must have items

If you still think polarized sunglasses belong only to summer, then you are too Out.For fashion human who are on the cutting edge of fashion, they ignore the idea that sunglasses are worn in seasons, but they don’t completely lose their “original function” in winter, except for their good concave outfit look.

Yes, many people think ray ban sunglasses are the exclusive preserve of summer. Sometimes the sun also needs a pair of best cheap ray ban sunglasses to wear hard. But many friends find it strange to wear a replica sunglasses because they are so cold in winter. In fact, wearing sunglasses is not based on temperature. Winter sunglasses also have the value of wearing.

Winter is also ultraviolet, especially snowy days, a snow white around, when the sun on the snow damage to the eyes is very big, some especially serious, but also develop snow blindness.So it is necessary to wear ray ban polarized sunglasses in winter. This kind of knock off ray bans in the snow choose polarizing effect better, which can prevent the reflection, and you can see things more clearly.

Wearing cheap ray bans is also a positive way to protect your eyes by filtering out ultraviolet rays, reducing the intensity of light, and giving the wearer a refreshing feeling that you need to wear unused sunglasses in different situations.But wearing fake ray ban sunglasses should not be too long, every one or two hours suggest to take off a rest, you can massage the eye gently to ease.

Winter wearing replica ray ban?Is it lack of fresh elements?It doesn’t matter, just a pair of black-framed Ray Ban aviators, you can make a better model.Go out to play, choosing a pair of frame type more cheap Ray Bans, which can make a faint winter to produce a trace of vitality, deep color dress more cold temperament. wayfarer sunglasses are more stylish in winter than they are in summer with casual and simple clothes and cheap replica ray ban sunglasses that attract more attention.

With regard to the collocation of ray ban sunglasses in winter, the ray ban sunglasses in summer are as light and comfortable as summer suits, so those “thick” frames are not suitable for summer wear.However, winter corresponds to the thickness of the clothes, and sunglasses can also choose a slightly thicker border. This does not seem to have an incongruous visual effect.

Especially when your coat is decorated with fur, choosing a thick ray ban erika sunglasses frame that is even better. cheap fake ray bans are still a summer item in most people’s minds, so try to reduce the contrast between sunglasses and winter wear. So as not to make the whole look like “nothing.”

In addition to the winter ray ban sunglasses can block the light, but also as a fashion dress. Winter people wear very thick, clothing with a variety of, so Ray Ban sunglasses better match.

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In this unceasing pursue fashionable age, if you want to go out of street turn round rate is high, street racket lead to watch, the good method is to choose a pair of best fake ray ban sunglasses that suit one’s own style, but the sun style is so many, are divided into what style?

First, Ray Ban aviators sunglasses
The ray ban aviators sunglasses feature large teardrop lenses and a thin metal frame. As a fashion manifesto, aviator sunglasses are usually in mirror, color and surround style.And it becomes one of the most popular styles quickly.Over the next few decades, Ray Ban’s popularity grew.Although there have been many changes in the later cheap Ray Ban sunglasses, its moderately large sunglasses have become a fashion trend. In addition, the current ray ban aviators sunglasses in the existing popular aviators design and innovation.

Secondly,Ray Ban cats sunglasses
Ray Ban cats sunglasses is very suitable for lovely girls. Besides using Italy high quality acetate fiber and German Zeiss glasses, each frame is made of French artisans’ hand.Its frame design proportion accurate that unique plate selection is more eye-catching.

Thirdly,energetic and passionate sunglasses.
Irregular silhouettes and delicate structures highlight the features of the frame, sparking the rebellious and feminine features of Ray Ban brand essence.The top of the front frame of all the glasses in the new Ray Ban eyeglasses special series is clearly cut off, showing irregular elegance and design intent.The color matching also enhances visual contrast: pink, peach, emerald and white with vibrant tortoiseshell.

The new design of Ray Ban new wayfarer series Original from the conflict of elements and inspirations in different worlds, and its fashion uniqueness is self-evident.This season’s sunglasses still follow the fashion circle’s consistent design ideas.

And with the ubiquitous contradiction and contrast to break the established rules and patterns, showing a unique design style.The iconic style adds unconventional design, giving the new season of cheap Ray Bans special series a new sense of humor and empiricism.

Next,how to choose the right ray ban sunglasses for yourself?
The founder of the brand offers a thoughtful reminder:
Firstly,the distance between the two ears, that is, the front frame.

Secondly, the relationship between the height of the ear and the bridge of the nose, which is a nasal rack.

Thirdly, the distance between the eye side and the ears, and this is the length of the side. Are you Get here yet?

Cheap Fake Ray Ban sunglasses, though already a must-have item for trendy people throughout the year, which have a special meaning for summer styling. If you want to wear personality and say goodbye to the same, you might as well look at fashionable people are chasing the style of sunglasses!

polarized sunglasses – ray ban clubmaster

Despite the fact that Ray Ban Polarized Sunglasses might be excessive more costly than fake Ray Ban sunglasses, a lot of buyers may want to choose them in any case since they successfully and totally close out the sparkle of the sun as opposed to making the person’s aggregate field of view dimmer; the last can really check to be fairly hazardous and dangerous particularly conditions. Light tends to have a wide assortment of interesting properties, above all else when it flaunts of an altogether different surface zone. Ray Ban Polarized Sunglasses utilize this to their advantage and preferred standpoint with the help of among these homes, something many refer to as polarization. Commonly, lights deliver specific waves that go in all kind of various directions. At the point when light chooses to bounce off a particular surface, for example, glass, water, or snow, these light waves tend to spellbind. Polarizing implies that the light orientates itself along a pivot, for the most parts it enters a level hub. Ray Ban Polarized Sunglasses have upright polarizing focal point that would then be able to diminish the brilliant glare of these light waves, at the same time offering the clients enough optical vision to see unmistakably and effectively in any sort of condition.

Because of the vertical polarizing introduction of Ray Ban Polarized Sunglasses, they have wound up being the ideal assistant to use in dealing with intelligent glare conditions, despite the fact that it could in any case rely upon which edge the light is originating from. Experiment with Ray Ban Polarized Sunglasses could enable you to discover or create a point, where not a solitary beam of light is stressed given that Ray Ban Polarized Sunglasses are level adjusted alongside the gleam of the daylight. At other particular edges, they might have the capacity to thoroughly strain the whole shine, or if nothing else a few of it, so the wearer will be able to see absolutely with a standout amongst the most solace and without a great deal of weight on the eyes. Energized shades are lamentably not as accommodating at whatever point the daylight is existing straight overhanging or close to the viewpoint, considering that the edge of the indicated light waves tend to change from this even course of action.

Ray Ban Polarized Sunglasses are often made utilization of in those circumstances, in which the wearer must have the capacity to see clearly, anyway moreover should strain the majority of the harming conspicuousness of the daylight. The glare of the sun tends to make a person’s vision significantly more hard considering that light tends to hurt the human eye and darken subtle elements that could be holed up behind it. Ray Ban’s ordinary shades could close out the glare of the sun, yet they also tend to completely close out inconspicuous points of interest that could be found around the client’s setting that could be hurtful and conceivably exceptionally hazardous. Ray Ban Polarized Sunglasses are particularly created for outside undertakings and typically can be found in an assortment of different setups that reaches from daintily tinted and delicately polarizing to intensely tinted and firmly polarizing. Some Ray Ban Clubmaster Cheap Polarized Sunglasses likewise accompany shade tinting for right and most extreme perceivability specifically conditions, for example, in the snow.

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Is it good for the Ray Ban sunglasses?

cheap fake ray bans RB9122 Justin Brown
RB9122 Justin Brown

Ray Ban is a light luxury brand in the sunglasses field. It is famous for its luxury, and sex appeal.

Question one: how about fake Ray Ban sunglasses?
Firstly:In the design of the eyeglass frame, Ray Ban is the most distinctive of the major brands. The ray ban frame has a special label that belongs to the place of production in Italy, as well as a unique number of Ray Ban sunglasses.And this number is unique, and can be queried in Ray Ban Outlet Online Store, which prevents consumers from buying fake goods to a large extent.

Secondly:In the selection of materials, this brand is also very sophisticated about it.Whether it is the wood material of the garden, the simple metal material, or the more popular plate, Ray Ban sunglasses show the characteristics of the material very carefully.

You can search cheap ray bans on google. From the outside to the lens UV-proof features have been greatly improved.In Ban Ban eyeglass frame will adhere to the quality of processing principles and with detailed details, so that whether from the outside, or inside it is worth this brand logo, which is to become consumers assured products.

cheap fake ray ban RB3806 Aviator Gold sale online
RB3806 Aviator Gold

Question Two : How much is a general cheap real ray bans sunglasses ?
The same brand and the same style of sunglasses, if the same company, the price should be the same in principle.If it is between different companies, different prices should fluctuate up and down because of the different purchasing channels.At present, there are a lot of imitation famous brands in our country.

The prices of ray ban sale 90 off.And some small shops generally do not dare to enter the real goods easily,they are afraid to sell cannot cause backlog because the risk is big, they mostly enter some imitation, carry on sale with below normal discount, also can cause the patronage of a lot of consumers really.

Because of the high grade brand glasses of 50% discount, only one kind of possibility in the regular eyeglass shop that is the style old, the backlog processing.And the new brand glasses less than 30 percent off in the regular shop sales, we must be careful.

At present, the level of fake and shoddy counterfeiting in China is beyond our imagination. Even professional staff can hardly tell the truth or falsehood by the naked eye alone.Regular Ray Ban sunglasses each pair of glasses are accompanied by a certificate, it can be said that the brand produced not certified are fake ray ban sunglasses.

Cheap ray bans miraculously became the darling of the world fashion world in the next few seasons. Its broad and light mask-shaped outline shows the fashion charm of women in the city, deducing unparalleled charm.

Ray Ban Outlet Sale with a unique style that makes you the focus of the crowd.

A symbol of the fashion – Ray Ban sunglasses

Today, to be exact, Ray Ban sunglasses have become the standard accessory to the eyes in the last hundred years. All kinds of sunglasses are assembled on various occasions, which also show the taste of the users.

For example,Ray Ban sunglasses, Ray is a glare ban that blocks the glare, which is the essence of the sunglasses.Initially, it was because an Air Force lieutenant, who was always deeply disturbed by the sunlight in his flight practice, which returned to the base and even became sick and vomited with dazzling symptoms. So the company began to develop sunglasses in accordance with the Air Force Lieutenant’s request. It was also the earliest Aviator Ray Ban sunglasses.

As with all new products on the market, Ray Ban Sale Fake was miserable, but the Air Force always supported it, and an Air Force pilot in a leather jacket later appeared around the world wearing cheap Ray Ban sunglasses. And show a natural image, so that cheap Ray Bans popularity has risen sharply.Later on,with the end of the world war, Ray Ban Aviator sunglasses became fashionable products and quickly swept the globe.

After wearing best fake Ray Bans, there is a barrier to the world around you. People can’t see you, but you can observe others. It makes people feel safe.What’s more, the curtains, which are the windows of the mind, are closed to remind the next man to keep others’ distance.In particular, star artists, even indoors and at night,they always need a pair of cheap replica ray ban sunglasses to protect their little privacy in the limelight.

The most striking interpretation of this decorative, eye-catching and intimate feeling is that of lady gaga, both public and private, attracting attention and observing others. These fascinating contradictory qualities are vividly revealed by her.

Another,this year the brand spokesman Zhang Yixing, in June 1st is about to offer a summer fashion season gift – the Ray-Ban x Zhang Yixing series pushed two new masterpiece.Ray Ban Andrea and Ray Ban Marshal II inspire the “true self” motivation of a younger generation of consumers with unprecedented color combinations and it looks brilliant cool.

With the determination of facing the challenge and the firmness of the heart, the “true self declaration” which belongs to oneself loudly will be promoted to a new height by the brand promotion activity of Ray Ban Outlet ,the “real” which has aroused heated discussion for this brand.