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How to choose a Cheap Ray Bans polarized sunglasses
The primary function of polarized sunglasses is UV filter and polarized light, Best Fake Ray Bans polarized sunglasses lenses through good can block more than 90% UV, select Ray Ban Polarized Sunglasses with “UV400” the best blocking UV marking polarized sunglasses; If worn cannot block ultraviolet light and polarizing filter function of inferior polarized sunglasses, such as dark Fake Ray Ban sunglasses, with light entering the eye dark eye pupil will become large, into the eyes of ultraviolet increased, increase of eye injury.

If you are feeling uncomfortable after wearing, dizziness, headache, dry eyes, tingling and other bad feeling, please hurry to remove; belong to inferior or imitation of Cheap Fake Ray Ban sunglasses in general will lead to dizziness, headache , The general poor quality of the lens in the manufacture of no technical and functional at all, the lens material is also very poor, choose poor quality replica ray ban polarized sunglasses can not protect the eyes, on the contrary will cause damage can not be worth the candle.

The protection function of best cheap ray bans Polarized sunglasses except UV protection, to avoid glare, filter the glare and other basic functions, the majority of polarized motion sunglasses frames are veneer design, in outdoor sports can effectively prevent the wind to stimulate the eyes, the other polarized The degree of rigidity of the lens and the material of the frame to consider whether the degree of flexibility will cause harm to the human body.

The choice of color of polarized ray ban lenses should be based on the principle that the colors of the surrounding environment without distorted, the edges of the objects are clear, and the signals of different colors can be effectively identified. Especially as driving sunglasses, driving safety is guaranteed. The color of the lens is gray, brown, and green is better because the lenses of these colors are better for infrared, UV absorption, can improve visual contrast and clarity, especially under the air pollution is serious or foggy.

Ray Ban Outlet store will have the ability to detect cheap ray ban Sunglasses resistance to ultraviolet light instruments, through the instrument detection, you can know whether the hands of the glasses are standard. In addition, the test Knockoff Ray ban sunglasses quality method is: you can use the instrument or money detector issued by the UV light, through the ray ban sunglasses to observe the RMB logo on the UV, if the ray ban sunglasses is poor quality, no obstruction to the UV, you can still clear see the UV logo design on the RMB.

How to spot the authentic or fake ray ban polarized sunglasses?

Ray Ban Polarized lenses are made of synthetic resins that are as light and delicate as contact lenses, and can be used to filter out road reflections due to moisture or sunlight. Main advantages: light, can filter 99% dazzling reflection of random light, 99% of harmful ultraviolet light, not brittle. In order to filter the sun in the water, land or snow on the equal direction of the glare of the light, the lens to add vertical special coating, it is called polarizing lenses. Most suitable for outdoor sports (such as driving, sea activities, skiing, or fishing). More and more people choose polarized sunglasses when choosing sunglasses. But how do you identify polarized Ray ban sunglasses sale that you buy with polarizing and UV400 functions?.

1, to find a liquid crystal display, the level of the glasses facing the screen, then the lens did not change, then turn the glasses clockwise to 45 ° angle, see the lens color becomes dark, and then turn back to normal, that is Polarized lenses, if no matter how the rotation did not change, it’s not a polarizer.

2, UV400 means 100% blocking ultraviolet light.
The following method can easily detect the anti-ultraviolet effect of the lens or whether the lens through the UV400 identification. Cheap fake ray ban Sunglasses sale on the market do not necessarily have the effect of ultraviolet isolation, to know whether the lens can be isolated UV:
Find a UV checking lamp one hundred yuan. Direct exposure to the RMB, you can see one hundred yuan RMB UV anti-counterfeiting. If the lens with UV400 function is separated, the anti-counterfeiting can not be seen.

Ray ban Polarized sunglasses use notes
1, the driving mirror lenses as far as possible to choose polarized lenses. Because the biggest problem in driving people’s eyes is glare and ultraviolet radiation. Only polarized lenses can effectively eliminate glare. As we all know, ultraviolet ray is a chronic killer of eyes, which can cause eye keratitis, macular degeneration and other problems.

2, some special function of polarizer, when the test polarized light, will not be obvious, such as the night driving mirror (Polarizer) lens color is relatively shallow, usually pale yellow lenses, fake ray bans polarizing lenses in the test, in 45 degrees, through the lens lens will see dark yellow, not like the grey lenses so, turn black, opaque.

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