Fri. Jun 9th, 2023

Since the brand was created , Ray-ban has been the best-selling sunglasses in the world. Supporting the good grade is consistent high quality and elegant design of Bausch&Lomb company. As time goes by , Bausch&Lomb company continues to innovate the optical technology. In the end , the high quality of cheap ray bans lens has become one of the biggest selling point of Ray Ban sunglasses. Ray ban lens is given priority to the glass , so its shading effect is strong very much. All the lenses can prevent the harmful ultraviolet ray completely. At the same time , they can filter the infrared ray and other harmful rays. In addition to , the design and manufacturing of Ray-ban frames are also very good. No matter under what circumstances , people can keep comfortable for a long time. The timeless design , the concise pattern and the elegant style are undoubtedly the important elements that the Ray-ban brand keeps popular nearly 70 years.

Because the Ray-ban sunglasses are so perfect and the sales volume is so high , there are a lot of undesirable businessmen produce the fake goods to sell by the name of Ray-ban. Due of it , there are true and fake Ray-ban sunglasses on the market. Then , how to identify the replica Ray ban sunglasses is really a big problem for people. Ok , let me share some tips about identifying the fake Ray bans sunglasses with you.

Firstly , look at the work. The model and the specifications are all printed on the metal leg. They are not in the foot canal. What’s more , there is fine engraving of Ray Ban on the nose pad. Beyond that , the handwriting is very pretty. Secondly , the domestic sellers should have the authorization documents of brand and the overseas channels should not have it basically. Thirdly , some products are engraved with the specifications and the word of “Ray-ban” under the nose. Fourthly , look at the box. The workmanship of box is fine. The pattern is tabby and the color is black in China. However , the pattern is lichee grain and the color is black , brown or red for the foreign products. Fifthly , the fabric of true products is soft and belongs to the ultrafine and fibrous material. For those oblong , grey , yellow and beige nylon material , it is absolutely fake. Sixthly , judging by the price. The true and ordinary Ray ban sunglasses sale online are sold between 70 to 140 dollars. What’s more , the limited edition and the souvenir edition will be more expensive. Ray Ban Outlet sale the ordinary Ray ban sunglasses sale are sold between 1200 to 3500 RMB at Ray Bans Outlet sunglasses stores. As for the fake products , the price just needs a few dozen.

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