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Long History

The origin of the Cheap Fake Ray Bans can be traced back to the 1930s, when US Air Force pilots faced glare problems and needed a powerful pair of sunglasses to protect their eyes. Thus, Ray-Ban came into being.

In 1936, Ray-Ban launched its first sunglasses – Aviator (pilot) series. Inspired by the needs of pilots, this series is designed to provide excellent visibility and effective glare protection. Featuring metal frames and green lenses, the Aviator series has received wide acclaim for its classic look and functional design.

Over time, Ray-Ban continued to innovate and introduce other classic lines. One of the most well-known series is the Wayfarer (Traveler) series, which came out in 1956. The Wayfarer series has become a symbol of the fashion industry with its unique shape and stylish design style. It has also achieved wide recognition in the film and music industry, becoming the glasses of choice for countless stars and artists.

Another iconic Ray-Ban line is the Clubmaster line, launched in 1986. The Clubmaster collection combines classic and modern elements with exceptional durability and style. The collection quickly became a hit in the fashion world and became one of many well-known brands.

Ray-Ban’s glasses are not only unique in design, but also known for their superior quality. Each eyewear is carefully crafted using high quality materials and advanced manufacturing techniques. They offer excellent UV protection while also meeting a variety of styles and needs.

Cheap Fake Ray Bans sunglasses not only have a glorious history in the fashion industry, but also become a part of popular culture. Whether it’s a classic role in a movie or a star appearance in the music industry, Ray-Ban has played an important role. Its influence spans decades and continues to shape trends in the fashion world.


The founders of Ray-Ban sunglasses are John Bausch and Henry Lomb, who founded Ray-Ban in 1937. Their goal was to design a pair of sunglasses that were both functional and stylish to meet the needs of pilots.

Cheap Fake Ray Bans sunglasses were originally designed for U.S. Air Force pilots to solve the glare problem pilots encountered when flying at high altitudes. These sunglasses feature an innovative design with wide lenses and a sturdy frame that effectively blocks harsh sunlight and UV rays.

Over time, Ray-Ban sunglasses have gradually won the love and recognition of the public. Not only are they functional, they have also become a style icon. Whether in outdoor activities or in everyday life, people love to wear Ray-Ban sunglasses to add their style and personality.

The success of Ray-Ban sunglasses is inseparable from the founder’s wisdom and hard work. John Balfus and Henry Lambose have built Ray-Ban into a world-class brand of sunglasses through continuous innovation and improvement. They pay attention to quality and details, and are committed to providing consumers with the best product experience.

Today, Cheap Fake Ray Bans sunglasses have become one of the symbols of the fashion industry. Whether it’s a star in a movie or a fashion show, people can be seen wearing Ray-Ban sunglasses to show off their style. The influence and status of this brand is unparalleled in the sunglasses industry.

In short, the founders of Ray-Ban sunglasses, John Balfus and Henry Lambos, are two entrepreneurs with vision and creativity. Through innovative and unique designs, they have created a beloved brand of sunglasses that allow people to express their style while protecting their eyes in the sun.

Origin Of Design

Its design origin carries a long history and unique style. The American glasses manufacturer Bausch & Lomb launched Ray-Ban sunglasses in 1937. Its original design was to provide US Air Force pilots with a pair of sunglasses with excellent performance and protection.

Clearance Ray Ban sunglasses drew inspiration from the needs of pilots for visual protection. In the early days of aviation, pilots faced serious challenges flying at high altitudes, with harsh sunlight, glare and ultraviolet radiation threatening their vision. Therefore, Bausch & Lomb, at the request of the US Air Force, designed a pair of sunglasses that can effectively block harmful rays.

The first collection of Ray-Ban sunglasses is the Aviator series, which combines large oval lenses and metal frames with a combination of style and performance. The design features of these sunglasses include wide lenses, which can provide a wider field of view and better protection; the metal frame structure is durable and suitable for the needs of pilots in extreme environments; and the Eagle logo on the temples It has become one of the symbols of the Ray-Ban brand.

Ray-Ban sunglasses have evolved and innovated in design over time. In 1952, the Wayfarer (Traveler) series of sunglasses came out, conquering the hearts of many people with its unique wide frame design and fashion sense. Numerous celebrities and rock bands wore the sunglasses, further cementing the Ray-Ban brand and making them an icon in pop culture at the time.

The origin of the design of Ray-Ban sunglasses can be said to have achieved the perfect combination of functionality, protection, and fashion. It not only meets the user’s needs for eye protection, but also gives them confidence and a unique personal style.

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