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Beauty needs wisdom. When it comes to summer accessories, my first thought is Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses!

This is really a magical existence. Even if you go out today to wear more ordinary, just wear a better pair of high quality Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses is like a person immediately. You should know that the men’s sunglasses are far better than the dress show.

Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses RB4184 Stylish 6101/4M 57mm

However, do not think to buy sunglasses is the election of their own love style ok. No! In fact , there are a lot of doorways that need you to protect your eyes.

Firstly:Do you have sunglasses for sunscreen?

Do you know how many people go back to read sunglasses when they buy sunglasses , are you usually choosing the style to pay the money ? At least, a good pair of best cheap Ray Ban sunglasses can block 99% of UVB rays and 95% of UVA rays. Maybe you know something about the UVA and UVB, so you should pay attention to the thing of sunscreen.

Secondly:Do you choose the color of your sunglasses right?

If you should look carefully and you will find that lots of Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses will be found to be 1,2,3 on the tag. In fact, they refer to the depth of the color of the cheap fake Ray Ban sunglasses, the higher the color series, the more obvious the shade of the sun!

If you are a driver, you can choose the middle color that is not deep or shallow, such as the international recommended gray, green and brown.If it is your daily life, the color of gray will be all right. Don’t choose green if you drive, and they will be colored.

Thirdly:How to choose texture?

Generally speaking, the fake ray bans sunglasses on the market are mainly made of glass lenses, PC lenses and resin lens.

Although the sunglasses lens is the best optical material , ordinary fragile is not safe enough . Their prices are too expensive, so they are less used. On the other hand, the PC lens is quite impact-resistant and not easy to crack. So most of the sports sunglasses will be used, and the most widely used is the resin lenses.

Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses RB3183 Top Bar 014/84 Polarized 63mm

Fourthly:How to choose cheap ray bans sunglasses according to your facial?

Many candidates are looking for the appearance, but do you really know what kind of ray ban sunglasses you are suitable for? Give you a few examples.

If you are a oval face, it is all ok no matter what you wear! That’s natural . Elliptic face them all kinds of Ray Ban sunglasses can control, but should pursue the best effect; What’s more, the shape of the men with round faces is to make their faces look thinner.So first, you have to choose sunglasses that look a little wider than your face, so rectangular frames with wide feet suit you. Also expose your two eyebrows to make your face look longer.

So the boys, choosing a correct sunglasses that will attract the attention of many girls . Aha !

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