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The current knockoff Ray Ban sunglasses are widely welcomed by everyone. The average price of each of their sunglasses is around US$300, which is a very good luxury sunglasses. If you walk in large international cities like London, Paris, New York, you will be able to see sunglasses like Ray Ban everywhere, but the time goes back to 1999, when Ray Ban encountered a great crisis.


At that time, Knockoff Ray Ban Sunglasses encountered great difficulties in R&D and sales. Even their most popular wayfarer sunglasses were sold at a special price of $19 in convenience stores. Their production process has become outdated, and compared with other brands, sunglasses are also fragile and not durable.

But when Bausch & Lomb’s, the founder of Ray Ban, sold Ray Ban’s sunglasses to the Italian company Luxottica, Luxottica began to reform Ray Ban’s sunglasses, making Ray Ban’s sales begin to bottom out.


Knockoff Ray Ban Sunglasses
Ray Ban sunglasses 1

So how did Luxottica make Knockoff Ray Ban Sunglasses bottom out? First, Luxottica reintegrated Ray Ban’s four factories located in different parts of the world. And integrated it into Luxottica’s factory in Italy for production. As we all know, northern Italy is the world-famous producer of premium eyewear, and here you will be able to find the materials needed to produce high-quality sunglasses very conveniently.

Subsequently, Luxottica withdrew its sales points in gas station and convenience stores. This is undoubtedly a very difficult decision, but it is a measure that must be done to make Ray Ban revitalize. Then the redesigned sunglasses will be sold through Luxottica’s own store, and the price of Ray Ban sunglasses will be increased again.


In 2000, after Luxottica’s hard work for a year, the price of Ray Ban sunglasses increase to to $79. Two years later, it became $89, and it increased year by year.

Beginning in 2003, Luxottica began to launch prescription-sunglasses for Ray Ban, which later proved to be very successful. By 2015, 30% of Ray Ban’s sunglasses profit comes from prescription-sunglasses. This is the largest source of profit among Ray Ban sunglasses.

Beginning in 2013, Ray Ban launched a customized sunglasses production service called Re-Mix sunglasses. After that, Re-Mix sunglasses became a source of 40% of Ray Ban’s online profits.

Luxottica opened its first flagship store in Manhattan, New York for Ray Ban in 2015. Inside offer live performances, film screenings, art shows and exhibits, let everyone know the history of Ray Ban. Luxottica has decided to introduce the classic styles of Ray Ban that are most likely to appear in film and television works into China. These sunglasses are are more familiar to the Chinese , the largest luxury market. After all, most Chinese consumers do not know Ray Ban’s in European and American countries Weight.

Knockoff Ray Ban Sunglasses
Ray Ban sunglasses 2


After Ray Ban successfully turned over, everyone began to summarize the reasons: 1. Good-looking styles can’t always lead the trend, but the technology is time-honored. 2. When the sunglasses manufacturer can balance the two points of technological innovation and counterculture, then for most sunglasses, it will be a very good result.

Ray Ban’s sunglasses will always be popular with everyone in the future, and buying the cheap Ray Ban sunglasses will always be the choice of many people.

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