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People always say the Ray Ban Sunglasses, Harley-Davidson Motor and Zippo Lighter are the symbol of American culture. In my view, the Ray Ban is the leader of them without any doubt. Motor is too reckless and the lighter is useless for almost people. Only the replica Ray Bans is suitable for everyone.

Replica Ray Bans
Replica Ray Bans

John A. Macready, who was an US Army Air Crops Colonel, is famous of driving diminutive aeroplane across Atlantic. In 1923, this experienced test pilot and aviator just completed his journey cross Atlantic and was enjoying the praise from community. But he found out the sequelae of this forward-looking journey. Its soon that he felt sick after long-time driving under the violent sunlight.

Visual fatigue, dizziness, blurred vision, swelling, pain in the eyes may be the discomfort symptom of pilot driving at high altitude. After the journey, they may feel nausea, vomiting, headache and dizziness. Human’s exploring towards sky cannot be block by these slight distraction, John A. Macready thought. Aim to avoid those bad factor from high altitude flying, Macready visited Bausch & Lomb, a major eye health company, and ask them crate a aviation sunglasses that can protect pilot’s eye.

After the persist and hard working between John A. Macready and Bausch & Lomb, the first pair of sunglasses which has green lenses borned in 1930. This aviation sunglasses named ‘Anti-Glare’ has plastic frames and green lenses. The glare could be cut out within these Replica Ray Bans sunglasses but it wouldn’t obscure pilot’s vision. Within the concern from Macready, ‘Anti-Glare’ can also avoid fogging up that can effectively increase visibility at high altitude. ‘Anti-Glare’ was formally adopted by US Army Air Crops after trailing.

Replica Ray Bans
Everyone should have a pair of Replica Ray Bans sunglasses

Bausch & Lomb launched ‘Anti-Glare’ as a sunglasses brand named Ray Ban

Ray means glare and ban stands for abandon, this name means the major function of sunglasses and shows the profession of this brand.Its unexpected that the Ray Ban is not that very interested by people when it firstly launched towards the market. People don’t understand how these sunglasses works and don’t have idea of protecting their eyes. Bausch & Lomb made some changes at these sunglasses and launched to market again. After the redesigning of Bausch & Lomb, the sunglasses have a metal frame and patented by Ray-Ban. These Replica Ray Bans sunglasses named aviator, was popular and welcome people. Fashion icon and movie star are also their fans. Gaining a great success, Ray-Ban launched more models and colors of sunglasses and got a big business success.

Replica Ray Bans
Ray Bans sale

Although the Ray Bans sale is now a luxury brand, its a product which can perfectly combine fashion and practical uses. So I think everyone should have a pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses.

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